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Welcome the Age of the Real Estate Consultant


I recently read a book that really made an impression on me and how I run my business, Daniel H. Pink’s To Sell is Human. I highly recommend this book to anyone.

To Sell Is Human

As a person in the industry, this is such a great tool for understanding the nature and perception of sales (insert Alec Baldwin’s ABC’s from Glengarry Glen Ross). Pink goes into what defines a salesman, how the recent shift in the power dynamic has drastically changed the art of sales. Now consumers hold the information, often having more than the salesman themselves. Don’t believe me, take a trip to an electronics store and see how little most sales people actually know about the product(s) they sell. What I found really interesting was a word cloud (if you’ve read my previous posts you know how much I like fun info-graphics!) on the perception of the salesman. When asked what word comes to mind when one thinks of a salesman, this is what the responses were:

Sales word cloud

The bigger and bolder the word the more often it was used.

So what does a salesman take from this? Well, it made me reflect on my sales practices and strategies, and I found I am not really a salesman by that definition (not sure how many purebred salespeople exist these days). I see myself as more of a consultant. I use the information and experience I have to help educated buyers/sellers make even more educated decisions. I can bring a level of expertise to the table that requires a full-time job, which is why people hire me to assist with their real estate deals.

So my question for you my dear readers, are you in sales? If the answer is no, reflect on your job and most likely you will find some aspect of sales in your daily tasks. Either with co-workers to change shifts, or challenging young minds to learn a particular lesson; sales are there.


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